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I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach for ambitious, adventurous women - the kind of women who are ready to THRIVE! It is my unyielding belief that every woman on this planet has the divine right to extraordinary health and infinite joy!

I'll be your tour guide, here to take you on a journey into the most magnificent parts of yourself and radically renovate your experience of your body, mind & spirit! 

I specialize in hormonal, digestive & mental balancing and how these 3 areas interact with & affect one another. You won't just lose weight, you'll lose everything that holds you back from living fearlessly, purposefully & radiantly! 

I'm Alexis

Aloha Gorgeous!

"Alexis is passionate in helping women find the light again. She doesn't want you to feel 75%, 80% or even 99%, she wants you to feel 100%! She will go above and beyond in assisting you on the path, and staying on the path of feeling your best self, being your best self, and loving your best self."

-Cait (Graphic Designer)

"I felt empowered to do better because she believed I could do better. I knew I was enough at times because she knew I was enough. When I began this journey I felt lost and out of control. I now know what is good for my mind, body, and soul and am able to make those choices.

-Anna (Professional Dancer)

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