Client Success Stories

I literally never imagined how far I would come in this 6 month program. I have minimized my hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, stomach pains, inflammation and insomnia. I have also lost over 20 lbs since I started and feel great!  I feel so much more mental clarity on how to achieve what I want in life and she has helped me be more clear in what my expectations for what I want out of life are. I have been given guidance and tools that help me get through daily challenges. This program has helped me mend my relationship with food, dispose of toxic relationships/feelings and given me more confidence as a woman. The guidance Lexi provided me helped me become at peace with the idea of growth and has lead me to a spiritual awakening. I actually want to set aside time for myself and she helped me understand the importance of self care and self preservation. I literally have never felt more centered in my life. 


I learned new and innovative ways to provide nourishment for myself. The greatest changes I've experienced have been making time for myself, helping to heal my relationship with food, & learning about myself to make me a better person, wife, and friend. I'm also feeling like myself again and unafraid of the unknown! Lexi has awoken something in me that has fueled my desire to learn, and DO for myself. I actually feel like I can achieve whatever I want. My self confidence and self empowerment feels explosive! As a coach she is available, empowering, non judgmental, & kind. I recommend her programs to women who are scared, who feel that they need change, and who want to be their best selves. Make the leap. It’s so worth it!! 

- Ally (North Carolina, USA)

School Psychologist 

I decided to start working with Alexis as I wasn't feeling good about myself and I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. I knew I wanted to change my diet and that she could help me with this. I was feeling tired all the time, I wasn't sleeping well, I had no energy or motivations and It was then when I decided to contact her for help. Best decision ever !! During the first 3 months she changed my life. I started to learn about myself and my relationship with food and focus on myself like I have never done before. I was starting to feel stronger, happier with myself, physically and mentally. She has always been there supporting me and sending me love when I most needed it.

During this process, she has helped me to heal in much deeper ways than just changing my diet. I had to deal with my emotions and feelings and learn much more about myself on a much deeper way. I was starting to see everything that surround me and how this affected me, on a different level.  My life changed completely after 3 months but I couldn't stop there. I kept healing and learning with her for another 3 months. I couldn't have done any of this without her. She is there when I most need her and always knows what to say and what should be my next step to move forward. I am still learning everyday thanks to her tips and advice. She is kind, and loving and you feel that when you talk to her.

I am always looking forward to connect with her and hear her voice. She has been my guidance and my light, I have laughed and cried with her. It has been hard but we have been able to get through many of my problems and get them under control. Now I can sleep like a baby most of the time, I feel lighter and stronger, my periods are regular and under-control, I understand my woman cycle, my mood and feelings and how to accept what is happening around me, and what I am feeling and let it be; always learning from it.

I feel my woman powers and also I accept my weaknesses. She taught me how to understand and be at peace with myself. There is still so much I want to learn with her and I can not wait to see what else we can do together.Her protocols are always full of light and positivity. It wont always be easy but if you want to fully invest on yourself and your happiness join this journey with her and find a new

- Angela (Melbourne, AUS)

Travel Consultant/Activist

What I have realized in my life, is that its rare to find people who actually listen and genuinely care. Lexi is the balance that I want to find more of. She takes the time to listen to your needs while guiding you on your necessary path. She is the person that will hold your hand to work out what you need to do in your life to create the harmony & balance you seek.


Working with Alexis empowers you to take your health and life into your own hands and start living the way you truly dream. There's no fluffy stuff, she just gets right down to the core & the root of whats really going on. I couldn't recommend her more! If you're struggling to find answers & want to really dive into yourself, & your health, then she is your Wonder Woman!

- Mia (Australia)

Jewelry Maker & Artist

I honestly don’t even have the words to express how amazing this precious woman is!! Lexi has truly, deeply changed my life for the better!! When I first heard Lexi speak at a health seminar I was blown away by her knowledge on the gut, intuitive eating/exercise, hormones and all things women’s health. Little did I know these more “mainstream” health topics were just the tip of the iceberg with Lexi and her most powerful wisdom and support lays in her focus on cultivating a healthy warrior mindset to replace the sick victim mindset so many of us with chronic health issues struggle with.  I had no idea these were my biggest challenges and most powerful health tools until I met Lexi!! The things I have learnt with Lexi have truly been life long challenges or lessons that finally made sense in the short time I spent working with Lexi.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, full of such deep awakened wisdom, holds you with such genuine love and support (you feel like your most radiant self because of the way she treats you which makes it easier to believe it in yourself!), she is not afraid to call you up ever so gently to ensure you are giving yourself every opportunity to be your most radiant healthy self, she is there through the darkest of days and always offers such deep truths at the time when I most needed to hear these. Every response I ever received from Lexi was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. And all of this learning whilst having fun with a beautiful woman who has become a beautiful friend and such a powerful influence in my life.

Lexi helped me to take responsibility and become the self-healer I needed to become in order to overcome 10+ years of chronic health issues that I didn’t even realise I was creating and maintaining! She has given me a deep trust that I can and will continue to overcome my health issues and chronic pain, and in doing so am shedding the layers of past patterns and programs that no longer serve me and have been making me stay sick. I can not recommend this beautiful woman enough, she is such a powerful force that is changing women’s lives and health in a BIG way. Thank you from the deepest part of my being for all your support Lexi, it’s been transformative.

- Rachel (Australia)


When I started my program I had recently went through recovery from an eating disorder and had no idea how to heal from that. Now my relationship with food has definitely changed...I love it and I used to be so scared of it! The best part of this has been gaining ME back. I feel free. I feel empowered, strong & healthy! I have self confidence to hold my head high and do anything I set my mind to. I feel like I can make choices that are best for me and I don't need to rely on anyone else and what they think of me.


I don't weight myself but my clothes fit better and I'm not constantly trying to diet or workout excessively. I now understand what I put in my body matters and what I say to and about myself matters! Because I have given myself space to grow and change my life has shifted, everything has shifted! I love Alexis! She's amazing! She's a badass, and she tells you the truth! I need that in my life - truth. I would recommend this to women struggling with their body, who want to live their best life. I realized all I had to do was have faith.

-Kate (Philly, USA)

Yoga Teacher

I reached out to Alexis with chronic GERD and LPR that I have been struggling with on and off since 2017. I didn't see it as chronic because no doctor has ever really said anything about my issues except "change your diet". At the time, I wasn't willing to and didn't have the support I needed. I wasn't sold on the idea of an elimination diet or any of the approaches but I was drawn to her vibe and wanted to feel as amazing as she looked. I was trying (and struggling) to release some old habits; smoking, drinking, caffeine, the croissant that stares at you in the bakery, etc. They were my vices and got me through the day, week, month and essentially my life up until that point. I learned to take out what I didn't need even though I thought I did. Slowly I learned not only about what foods were triggers for my body, but what triggers my mind too.


Ladies, I'm a full-time freelancer; my whole life is stressful. I knew a majority of my pain was from stress of money, stability, and uncertainty of my future (will I have clients? will I be able to afford all the monthly bills? will that person pay on time?) but it wasn't fully realized until I worked with Alexis and really started to embrace the protocols and teachings from our sessions.

And then one day (with the help of reading a book that Alexis recommended to me) it all kinda hit and I woke up, literally. I felt freedom after I explained to her my struggles, old beliefs, and how I was hiding as a woman in my work and making my life miserable. This in turn, was shutting down my self-expression which, apparently, RUINS my body internally and externally.

And yes I relapsed, yes I struggled, and yes it took over 6 months but here I am, smoke-free, confident, and almost completely pain-free. A friend of mine just commented and said I was glowing!! Like I knew I was but damn people can feel it too! I feel like I am becoming the woman I've always wanted and have let go of the external expectations of who I'm supposed to be.


But none of that would have been possible without taking a leap of faith in Alexis. I trust this woman in the same way I trust my mom y'all. So if you are struggling with GERD, acid reflux, LPR, I highly recommend at least 3 months. I did the 3 months my way (...over 6 months, lol) but honestly, it will change your perspective of food, womanhood, and your image of self. 2020 will be amazing for me because I took the time to embrace a new mindset and through the support of an incredible woman.

- Jenn (Tokyo, Japan)

Graphic Designer 

When I began this program, I was definitely not comfortable in my own body and struggling with the cycles of binge and restrict. Since starting this program, I feel like I have more control of my life. I'm not just being pulled along, but I have an active part in it. My skin has improved immensely, my digestion has improved, my blood sugar doesn't spike and drop anymore or as often (it's more stable than ever), I'm able to fall asleep now, and I feel more in-tune with what my body needs. My mindset has gone from hating myself to loving and accepting myself. I've gone from wanting to lose weight to wanting to be and feel my healthiest - and I know eating well is a part of that. I don't know if my weight has changed but my body image has. I don't stare at myself in the mirror as often but when I do I see a woman who is healthy and in-tune with her body.


The elimination diet was a pleasant surprise in that I now am aware of how my body reacts to what I eat. I think the best parts of the program for me were around the work with my thoughts and the empowering statements. That really was the biggest part of my desire for binging. There were things that I did not want to look at and Alexis helped me better see my truth and work with and through these things. I saw that I did not have to rely on food or lack of food for support. I am able to view food as something that nourishes and supports my body and dreams, rather than hurts my body and limits dreams. One of the biggest changes has been not binging and restricting. Eating meals consistently even if I don't "feel" hungry but eating to support my mind and body. Wanting to eat food that nourishes me rather than satisfies a sweet tooth or quick craving. ALSO learning more about my period with cycle syncing and seed cycling has really been changing my period. I used to take medication for cramps and have not had to do that since utilizing raspberry tea, seed cycling, and listening to my body during the different phases of my cycle.


Alexis helped me see and verbalize the truths I already knew about myself. All of the protocols and handouts have been super helpful with this process as well. Alexis was so personable, kind, and relatable. I loved how I felt like she was just one of my girl friends. I felt empowered to do better because she believed I could do better. I knew I was enough at times because she knew I was enough. I definitely feel more self empowered. When I began this journey I felt lost and out of control. I now know what is good for my mind, body, and soul and am able to make those choices.

 -  Anna (Las Vegas, USA)

Professional Dancer

I genuinely trust Alexis - this is a HUGE statement for me, as I have a hard time trusting someone else to chop veggies, let alone make an entire meal plan for me to follow.  Alexis was warm, present, and available for me - and the food plan she put together was so thoughtful and comprehensive. I was impressed by how professional, organized, and detailed the plan was - it completely exceeded my expectations! I could tell that this wasn’t just a standard meal plan she’d send to anyone (which I came across so many times before) - the plan was tailor made to my specific needs...and she empowered and encouraged me to trust my body and intuition to augment the schedule if and however necessary. This balance of freedom and support made me feel comfortable to explore introducing new foods I hadn’t touched in years.


I have had a tumultuous relationship with food and digestion for quite some time, but have felt particularly vulnerable over the past few years, after a virtual shutdown of my nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems. But Alexis took the time to listen to my extensive list of concerns to create the perfect program for me! She’s wise, insightful, and super knowledgeable (a real triple threat ) - she shows up as an advocate and ally. I felt confident in Alexis’s expertise, and knew that I could surrender to her wisdom, trust the process, and follow her advise. This took so much pressure off of me to constantly figure out every detail of what to consume, without having the confidence that I was even getting it right. With Alexis’s support, I was able to put that stress and energy once used toward worrying, towards to my healing! I’m grateful for her time and support, and look forward to doing more work together!!

- Dani (Florida, USA)

Yoga Teacher & Body Worker

I never feel fully comfortable talking to a doctor about my health issues. When I ever I open up a little bit, they always seem to put me in a box, tag me with a label, rush me out of their office, and leave me with a list of prescriptions with no real solution or answers. With Alexis, I did a consultation and meal plan and it was such a relief to be able to finally openly talk to someone about my health issues. Alexis was attentive, non-judgmental, and was truly passionate in helping to find the root of the issues - not just on a surface level, but on a spiritual level to help connect the mind, body, and soul. 


She asked questions that my doctors never cared to ask before to help create a customized plan to fit my needs. The meal plan was amazing! She curated recipes that included foods that I actually like to eat with the nutrition that my body needs. I said that I love my sweets so she even included healthy sweet alternatives like cookie dough made out of chickpeas and chocolate chip oat cookies - which I literally have everyone try because they are so damn good and everyone who tries them LOVES THEM! 


My other personal favorites are her green smoothie which is packed with vitamins, protein, and nutrition to start the day and the salmon, kale, and turmeric rice - I make at least once a week it is so delicious! Her meals plans include a very organized shopping list making it so easy to go grocery shopping, recipes that are easy to follow with ingredient substitutes and nutrition facts, and a visual meal calendar. 


Before her protocols, I had terrible digestive issues. For 10 years I struggled with stomach pains and bowel issues. I had colonoscopies, endoscopies, MRI's, Cat Scans, countless blood work and nothing ever changed. I was tired, lacked energy, lacked motivation, and had brain fog all the time.With Alexis, I finally began to see a change in my digestive habits and energy levels. My brain fog started to go away and for once, I felt so clear and on point.


I highly recommend Alexis to everyone who is ready to make some sort of change in their life. If you want to love yourself, if you want to feel amazing, if you want to feel clear minded, if you want to feel connected then Alexis is your girl! She is passionate in helping people find the light again. She doesn't want you to feel 75%, 80% or even 99%, she wants you to feel 100%! She will go above and beyond in assisting you on the path, and staying on the path of feeling your best self, being your best self, and loving your best self. 

 - Cait (Philly, USA)

Graphic Designer

 - Sydney (Pittsburgh, USA)

Dental Hygienist /Health Coach

I have been working with Alexis for 6 months now and just committed to another 6! When Lex told me we only had one session left my heart dropped and every part of me wanted to continue our program. Over the past 6 months, Lex has helped me find myself, my real self. I did not realize how much my fears and limiting beliefs were holding me back. Lex holds space for me to talk openly and honestly which is extremely healing for me and I always get excited when our sessions are coming up. Whether you feel like you need physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc help; Lex will have your back and support you along the way. Her recipes are absolutely delicious and client protocols are always extremely helpful and not overwhelming.

I thought when I started this program that I would get more strict with food and that I needed to be that way. I was certain I needed an elimination diet and always beat myself up over "cheating" on diets or not wanting to do them. Lex has helped me so much by teaching me more about intuitive eating. Eating intuitively makes me feel good and has helped my mind connect to my body and ask what I need.


She also helped me realize that I was functioning in a binge restrict cycle. I would spend all week not taking any time for myself (restricting) and then not feel good about myself and reward myself (binge) on junk food, alcohol, etc. I would think "I deserve one beer, it was a rough week" when really if I would have replenished myself through the week I would not feel like I need this weekend pick me up.

My greatest shifts have been mental but I've felt them effect all areas of my life. Shifting limiting beliefs and letting go of fear have been my biggest lessons recently. Although I realize I will be working on these lessons for the rest of life, I did not even realize they were what was holding me back until I began my program with Lex. I feel so much more empowered! As much as everyone hates to admit they were playing a victim, I was. By not owning my power or recognizing it's existence I was being a victim. I was always looking so hard for what I needed in other people or things but now I am turning to myself, this alone has made me feel so empowered. I have quit letting fear run my life! I challenge my expectations for myself because most of the time previously my expectations have been unwarranted, not created by me, and unsupported.

I would describe Lex as a professional, authentic, and loving coach. I have felt 100% supported with her and trust her like I would a best friend or sister. She is very easy to talk to and I could tell that from the first time we connected. This is very important to me because I feel like I can share secrets or uncomfortable topics with her, and in general it usually takes me awhile to warm up to people.


Lex is wonderful at holding space and really listening to me in sessions which is my favorite part of the program. Outside of the sessions, we talk in a chat which is extremely helpful when I need to talk between sessions. Lex is a powerful and beautiful person who has helped me to believe in and trust myself. She has such a wealth of knowledge and is a positive change maker in this world, I am so proud and grateful to be one of her clients.

Lex asks you all the right questions to find your own power and create the life you desire! If you’ve been on the fence about working with her I highly recommend you pull the trigger so you can watch the magic unwind in your life as well! If you are ready to do the personal work on your end then just jump! I know the commitment and cost can seem scary but now all the work I've done with Lex is invaluable and priceless to me!

Before starting the awakening program I had some very unhealthy emotional attachments and eating habits when it came to food. Those had built up over a long time and I was not eating the right foods for my body. I live alone and was basically ordering takeouts multiple times per week and I rarely did any home cooking, somehow it seemed easier just to order food in. Since I am on a a spiritual journey of self discovery it felt right to also now align my body and start reevaluating the foods I was eating and look at ways of incorporating more nutrient rich foods into my daily diet. So I took the decision to invest in myself and start the 3 month awakening program.


Each session Alexis and I set realistic goals which worked for me, and new ideas and recipes to try that week to get more variety whilst nourishing my body. We also explored body movement and how to embrace and be more aligned with my true feminine essence. The protocols were super helpful to keep me on track and feel motivated to achieve my goals, I started meal prepping every Saturday and that helped me keep on track throughout the week, planning ahead and gradually introducing new foods over time. I also started to really enjoy the process of meal prepping and cooking myself tasty dinners which were much better for my body and mind. I even started making my own home made cashew milk with dates :)

Over the last 3 months I have gained so much awareness of how much I did not need the bad foods, and that I ate it to satisfy mental cravings. I have not been hungry throughout the program and my cravings for unhealthy food are gradually subsiding, I have not felt deprived and I have still been able to eat healthy snacks and treats. I have lost weight & increased energy but overall gained a strong understanding of myself and how I am in control of what I eat, and that nourishing my body with the right foods actually makes me feel so so good. I am proud of taking those steps for myself and following through with the commitment. This has enabled a solid foundation of understanding my body and what it needs to be truly fulfilled. 

Thank you so much Alexis for all of your support and guidance throughout this journey. You have allowed me to become more in tune with my body and also the feminine goddess which lives within me and I am feeling confident in my ability to make the right choices moving forward :)

- Sarah (Dubai, UAE)

Human Resources 

Most people say "don't do this" or "do that," whereas Alexis will say "do this, and here's an essay on WHY it matters" which makes all the difference and gives more motivation to follow through. She gave me such cool information about nutrition/wellness that helped me to make real changes in my life. I loved the meal plans and the elimination diet really helped me understand how often I get sugar + carby cravings. I definitely have a healthier relationship with food and working out and I no longer feel like a slave to my cravings. Before working with Alexis, I had a long history of chronic constipation and bloating. Though I had a “healthy” diet, I couldn’t seem to get regular bowel movements to be a thing! After 2 weeks on her meal plans, I saw a DRASTIC change in metabolism. It was EXACTLY what I needed to kickstart my journey to healing my gut. And I saw a huge change in my body confidence!

I feel like I've gained so much self-control through allowing myself a more fluid/less rigid regimen of diet/exercise. I started the program feeling like "if I don't meal prep, I will binge eat." I didn't trust my cravings or my body and I silenced my body's voice. Throughout the program, I learned how to listen, I learned how to trust what my body tells me, and I haven't had the urge to binge eat ever since (which is CRAZY because this is something I've struggled with for YEARS). I was very happy with her support. I felt safe to admit when I didn't follow protocol and I felt celebrated when I did! This is so different from in the past where if I didn't follow through on something, I would be shamed for it. So I felt very supported throughout the entire process. I would recommend this program to women who struggle with negative body image + binge-restrict cycles.


 - Lily (NYC)


I met Alexis at a time when I needed a push in the right direction. I never could have known how influential she was going to be in guiding me through my own personal journey. I have so much energy and vitality since integrating the practices she has provided me. By changing my diet and perspective I have been able to align with my purpose and live with meaning. Her gentle nature mixed with her deep understanding and awareness of what others need, has truly catalyzed my transformation. She has taught me how to take better care of myself and empowered me to make decisions that will positively impact my health and thus, my life.

- Jackie (Melbourne, AUS)


Just passing by to say thanks to Lexi! She has the gift, every time we do a session she completely changes my week. She just blows my mind at the first 10 min and I'm a very controlling person, it's very difficult for me to open up, but talking to her is easy. Her sweet and kind way of talking breaks all my barriers down and makes me feel so comfortable and loved. Even in one session she can go very deep and show you things about yourself that nobody has ever mentioned before. I love our sessions and how you light up my mind in  the most sweetest way, I always leave our sessions with so much energy and hope (so much that I end up having trouble sleeping afterwards haha). I'm so glad that the universe has found a way to introduce us even though we live so far away from each other! Obrigada Amiga! 

 -  Carol (Rio, Brazil)

Model & Chef

You are supportive, intelligent and responsive to my individual needs. More people need this in their lives Lexi! You skillfully identified some areas that I needed guidance in. My biggest insights were my addiction to coffee and my high fitness expectations that I fall short of. I took down my self-made crazy  timetable and now understand I need to move my body each day in a way that I feel like doing while being compassionate towards myself. I seriously thought I was depressed after cutting coffee but now I feel great- no longer stressed & highly strung. I feel calm & grounded again and last time I saw the doctor my blood pressure was really healthy!"

- Joanne (Sydney, AUS)

Primary School Teacher

I find it’s super rare to meet someone who not only ‘gets’ my challenges with my health and AutoImmune imbalances, but who can help me find my way. Lexi is like that super cool travel guide who has been in the neighbourhood and had a GREAT time and suggests things I’ve never even heard of but may want to check out. Patiently she waits for me to discover my unique healing path, generously extending her hands for support and with enough strength to pull me through the rough patches - and keep me accountable.

I never knew there were so many different ways that I’ve been malnourished … It took getting 3 autoImmune conditions to help wake me up. After 5 years of stumbling down my healing path, Lexi and Mana Wellness have helped switch on a super bright light of clarity to see all the ways that I can nourish myself into a pain-free, graceful existence. Mahalo!

- Shawna (Newcastle, AUS)

Business Owner

Wow, what a woman! It's rare that I find someone who can shed light on what's going on for me better than I can myself (I'm a women's empowerment and sexuality coach. And I'm EXCELLENT at tracking the shadow). But she nailed it with such precision and intuitive alignment. Her listening to both me, and to greater energetic patterns was tangible. Alexis helped me identify a pattern that has been the biggest issue in my health. And it wasn't food, or exercise. It was a round money. Alexis has a deeply integrative approach to health. And understands that if one aspect of our life is out, it will impact everything else. So she strives to bring balance back in all areas, which I appreciate. I've felt such a lack of drive and a sense of increasing powerlessness over the last couple of months. I've been fatigued and losing my energy quickly. I left our session accessing my fire again and capacity to impact my world in a positive way. I walked in with impotent life force, and in one session, left feeling vibrant, alive and ready to conquer the world. I am grateful for this woman and know I've found an ally and guide when I really need one. Because we all need someone. We're not here to do it alone. Thank you Alexis. You're amazing!! 

- Freya (Byron Bay, AUS)

Women's Sexuality Facilitator 

Having the opportunity to work with Lexi was such a transformative experience that truly feels like such a gift. At a time when my anxiety was at an all time high and I was experiencing total disconnect from my body and spirit, she gracefully held space and deeply listened. What I appreciated most is her complete confidence in what lies within each of us; our inner guru and own deep inner knowing. Rather than give advice, she asked questions that helped me regain connection to my inner teacher. She kindly held me accountable and at the end of each session I felt eager and inspired to do my part, to do the work to better myself mind, body, and soul. From the moment we first connected in our initial session I could sense that I was embarking on a self healing journey guided by a beautiful soul who truly operates from a place of overflowing love, passion, and commitment. Lexi, I am forever grateful!

- Ashley (Michigan,USA)

Health Coach/Biodynamic Farmer

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