Frequently asked questions

How do I know which program is best for me and can I decide after the consultation?

A clarity call is the best place to start! During this 20 min call we will discuss which program I feel is best aligned to your needs. And yes, after our consultation we will confirm which path of healing is right for you.

How much are consultations?

Consultations are $159 for 90min deep dive explorations. Unlike traditional healthcare, these consults provide a safe space for your story to be seen and heard in a spirit of compassion and patience. You will never be rushed out the door or treated as inferior.

How is a Holistic Nutrition Coach different from a Dietitian & Nutritionist?

Dietitians & Nutritionists are both traditionally trained to focus solely on the body, often (but not always) not addressing the mind, heart & spirit. It is my life's work to integrate these other intelligent energy bodies into the healing equation because it has been my experience that people do not heal until all 4 energy bodies (mind, body, heart & spirit) have been detoxed & nourished. As a holistic nutrition coach, I stimulate your healing with the activation of these interconnected energies/intelligences.

How do I schedule sessions?

1. First schedule a clarity call or consultation via my bookings page. 2. After your consultation we will together decide on a day/time that will suit your schedule EVERY week for the duration of your program. Clients must be ready to commit the same day/time in order to confirm their program with me. This is to ensure that clients are truly committed to showing up for themselves and and their health!

Can I reschedule a session time?

  • The Revival & The Awakening programs
    • Clients under these programs are allotted 1 schedule change on emergency/sick terms only
  • The Adventure Program
    • Clients under this program are allotted 2 schedule changes on emergency/sick terms only
Life gets busy and it's easy to lose touch with priorities but these programs are not designed to be drawn out for weeks after their expiry date. My intention for every client is to finally take their health seriously enough to make it their #1 priority!

Where are sessions held?

  1. Remotely via Zoom. No previous experience or personal account is necessary for clients to join this platform.
  2. Face-to-face in my home office or at The Centre for Mind Body Wellness in Mullumbimby

How long will it take for me to see results?

For those who are truly 100% committed to healing and permanent lifestyle change, your energy will positively shift quicker than you think. However, the process of healing (vs. curing) is not a "to do" list approach; it requires patience, acceptance, and devotion for long term results. My programs are not designed to induce rapid weight loss or provide a quick fix, they are designed to catalyze long-lasting transformation.

Do you follow/use a particular dietary theory with your clients?

Absolutely not! My intention is to move you out of extreme and debilitating diet cycles and into your personal bio-individual rhythm & balance. We will use food journals, elimination processes, and body fluency to discover what dietary support you need to THRIVE! It is an empowering process of self-discovery that will change the way you look at food.

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