I LOVE Mexican!

In fact, corn chips and salsa are my kryptonite.

This week I'm busting out the big guns for you ladies because you shouldn't have to sacrifice the food you love because of food intolerances or strict diets. This is also an easy recipe to adapt for GERD or Acid Reflux as it's already tomato & chili free :) Simply remove the lime juice and you won't have to miss out on the fiesta either! Of course, if you like a bit of zest and spice (who doesn't?) you can make this dish your own with added chili and tomato salsa.

Meet the Grain-Free Burrito Bowl

This delicious, nutrient dense bowl of Mexican magic is a hormone nourishing powerhouse - rich in fat, protein & minerals!

Reasons I love this meal:

1. it takes 30 mins to make

2. its light yet very fulfilling

3. it's super customizable (add whatever toppings your little heart desires)

4. it makes for great leftovers!

If you've been avoiding Mexican due to dietary restrictions then you are in luck sister!



Do you struggle in the kitchen?

Are you tired of chronically dieting?

Do you find yourself stuck in the binge-restrict cycle?

Are you ready to enjoy food again FOREAL?

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