If you're not on the low-tox living train, let me cordially invite you to jump on sister!

There's good news and bad news.

The bad news is: there is no denying that our world has become highly toxic and totally disruptive to our health. The good news is: there are tons of ways to avoid toxins and protect your life force. Women in particular are dealing with an overwhelming number of toxins from cosmetics, birth control pills, perfumes, hair care/dye, nail polish, and feminine hygiene products. If you're looking for ways to decrease toxic intake, check out my article on 11 Ways Women Can Reduce Toxic Exposure.

Most mainstream food storage containers are made from plastic, which we now know leeches chemicals such as BPA directly into our food and drinks. Plastic is both terrible for the environment and the human body. Luckily, more and more eco-friendly companies are creating healthy alternatives to food storage & other household tools. While these options might seem more expensive in the short term, their reusable and sturdy nature have a much longer shelf life. At the end of the day, investing in your health always pays off.

Below are my healthy options for storing your food & drinks the non-toxic way!

1. Glass Tubber Ware

Plastic is a known "endocrine disruptor" that interferes with hormonal function. As a woman, you want to avoid this damaging chemical as often as possible. So many of our products are sold in plastic, so we rarely get a break. While I know Pyrex and glass is more expensive than plastic, it is a much safer alternative to food storage and environmental health. You can start your collection one piece at a time until you've slowly but surely crowded out all of the plastic tubber ware.

2. Stasher Squares

Stasher is a relatively new brand aimed at toxic-free living. I love the brand Stasher for so many reasons! First of all, their light-weight and slim containers make traveling with food super easy. Secondly, their products are made from the natural & toxic-free resource silica - the major constituent of sand. On top of that, the brand also gives 1% of their sales to protect the ocean. Whether you want to pack a convenient lunch or you're traveling on a plane, Stasher squares are a perfect way to pack light and toxin-free! The days of using single-use plastic snack bags are over and Stasher is the reusable solution. They also work perfectly for storing office supplies, cosmetics, & even jewelry!

3. Beeswax wraps

Plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil is still a pretty popular option in most household kitchens. As you might now imagine, these options are also not sustainable or healthy. Aluminum is a heavy metal which can become toxic for humans. Enter beeswax wraps...the natural alternative for covering, wrapping and storing your food. You guessed it, these wraps are made from real beeswax and can be reused over and over again. In many cases they can last up to a year, saving you heaps of money on single-use cling wrap. You simply cover your bowl with the wrap and use the heat of your hands to mold the wrap to the shape of the dish. When you're finished use some soap and water to wash it off and voila - clean and ready for it's next use!

4. Jars

The humble jar is an easy way to safely store your beans, spices, flours, powders, tea, dried fruit, grains, and more! I love to save money by keeping jars from jam, sour kraut, or salsa and using them in my kitchen as storage containers. You can also use these jars at bulk food stores to avoid plastic wrapped products & save money on packaging. Jars are multi-functional, inexpensive and non-toxic!

5. Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles

If you're still carrying around plastic water bottles on a daily basis it's time to drop that habit asap! Plastic water bottles (like other plastic containers) leech BPA and other chemicals into your water and then right into your body. Invest in a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle to protect yourself from the flood of toxins that plastic provides. Plastic water bottles are major culprits in women's hormonal disruption. While tap water is full of chemicals as well, it's worth making the investment in a water purification system. You can find out more about them in this article.

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