Meet Chloe Karoub aka "The Hawaii Yogi"

WELCOME to the very first Mana Wellness Goddess of The Month Feature! It is my mission to uplift and support women by both exposing them to important messages AND sharing their important messages!

Each month I will be featuring a woman of my choosing who embodies & exemplifies femininity, kindness, love, ferocity, beauty and magic. It is my intention to spread the good word of women globally who are serving their communities in healing and owning their right to an extraordinary life. You ladies are in store for some inspirational stuff!

Without further ado....

I am so, so thrilled to be kicking off my monthly goddess feature with this very special soul.

Meet Chloe Karoub, known as the Hawaii Yogi. I stumbled across Chloe via mutual friends and was immediately awestruck by her incredible work in spreading the true essence of yoga. Yoga was the catalyst to my personal healing and awakening - it is also something I recommend to every client I come to serve because of it's truly transformative effect.

Here's why I chose Chloe this month:

When it comes to yoga, there are a lot of fakers. People parading around as "yogis" with little or no actual reverence for the practice and the philosophy. As someone who has been practicing for almost a decade, it makes me cringe to see people defiling the practice while calling themselves a Yogi. It's pervasive in the western world.

Chloe is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher who lives in Kauai, a place I once called home and resides closely in my heart. Her work in yoga is incredibly rare and tremendously honorable. She has a reverence for the practice that many "teachers" simply do not. Sadly, Yoga has become a "trend" instead of a truth - but it's teachers like Chloe who are keeping the essence of yoga alive in the western world. Chloe's photos tell a story of self-actualization, peace, and truth - NOT arrogance, ego or superficiality. Her photography, postures, and energy are absolutely exquisite. Just have a look for yourself! Every post is filled with inspiring wisdom, kind words, and womanly power. She is a true testament to leading by example and I was so stoked for her to enter my atmosphere!

Not only is Chloe an epic yoga teacher but she has merged her talents into an amazing offering called Hikes & Heart Openers Kauai - excursions that include nature hikes to sacred Hawaiian places, outdoor yoga and guided meditation. Oh and she provides FRESH Hawaiian Coconut Water....

What more could a goddess want???

Q & A with Chloe

What is your mission?

Chloe: My mission is to spread yoga throughout the world. I plan to do this through my own consistent sadhana (spiritual practice). As I raise my level of consciousness we all rise because we are ONE.

What do you want every woman to know?

Chloe: To all my sisters...the heaviness you carry around does not belong to you. Release it through a consistent spiritual practice. As you connect to source daily, your being will be filled with light and you will become free from the shackles or "maya" (worldly delusion). You are perfect as you are. You hold the goddess essence within your being.

Remember, remember, remember.

Describe your work in 3 words?

Chloe: Service. Purpose. Consciousness

What is one thing that has improved your health (mind, body & soul) the most?

Chloe: A consistent yoga practice. I practice ashtanga yoga (physical purification), meditation (mental purification) and jnana yoga (knowledge/reading spiritual texts) daily. When you take daily action to raise your level of consciousness everything that is not resonate with your true Self falls away and you become light, healthy and stable.

What unique services do you offer women?

Chloe: I offer yoga and hiking excursions on t he island of Kauai. All excursions include yoga and/or meditation, fresh coconut water, guided hiking and professional photography. For more information visit,


Instagram: @thehawaiiyogi

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