Updated: Nov 25, 2019

This month I have serendipitously chosen the little ball of love known as Gabrielle Ortega from Om Therapy Coaching. It just so happens November is Gabby's birthday month and MY birthday month. Needless to say we are kindred Sagittarius spirits with so much in common. Happy Birthday Gab! <3

Gabby is a Mental Health & Self-Awakening Coach. I immediately resonated with her approach to mental health, which aligns closely to my own. Gabby is all about self-healing, self-empowerment & cultivating appreciation for your pain; things that tend to get lost in our culture of "somebody else fix this for me" attitude. She empowers women to take responsibility for their experience and transform it into meaning. Hallelujah!

Gabby is as vibrant, brilliant & loving a healer as they come! She's exactly the juicy ball of love we need in this world to reverse the chronic illness epidemic.

We recently did an hour long live interview on my Instagram where we blabbed away about our personal journeys into pain. Like so many of us in this line of work, Gabby has overcome a great deal of trauma and extracted the gifts and wisdom to share with others. I am grateful to be working among women like her & witnessing her worthy mission on social media.

Thank you for being a lighthouse for so many women Gabby! Your buoyancy & vibration is clearly lifting others from their darkness and as a practitioner and woman, I so appreciate everything you do!

Q & A with Gabrielle Ortega

What is your mission?

Gabby: My mission is to help others awaken their souls, master their mindsets, and step into living every day as their Highest Self. I want to help create a world where each one of us can be our own healers, and where we can feel empowered enough to actively create a life that happens for us, not to us.

What do you want every woman to know? Gabby: I want every woman to know that no matter what, she has everything inside of her she needs to be her own hero, lover, best friend, guru, and powerhouse! We women have been conditioned for centuries to put everyone else first, to look to others for validation of our self-worth, and to find endless faults within ourselves. I want every single woman out there to know that you are PERFECT, and you are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Don’t stay small to make anyone else feel comfortable—live BIG, and don’t be afraid to go for your dreams. 

Describe your work/yourself in 3 words...

Gabby: Healing, Expansive, Transformational

What's one thing that has improved your health (mind, body & soul) the most?

Gabby: Journaling (including affirmations and gratitude!) has been a key part of my wellness journey. When I write in my journal, I get to have a direct dialogue with my unconscious mind, my inner child, and my Highest Self, and they get to tell me what I need to be doing to nurture my mind, body, and soul at any given time. 

What words of wisdom would you tell your younger self now? Gabby: It’s ok to not be perfect all the time; It’s ok to be open hearted and to lead with vulnerability and love; and it’s ok to just be YOU. Your unique gifts are exactly what the world needs, so keep being authentic and never stop dreaming.

What services or ways do you support women?

Gabby: I help women understand their inherent worth, their unconscious programming, and how to fully show up in the world as their best, most confident selves. Right now, I also have a really amazing 12-week group coaching program called “Rebirth” that just opened for enrollment! In this program I’ll be leading small groups of women through the self-awakening journey, which will not only transform their lives but will also foster deep and supportive friendships with the other women in their group. It’s a sisterhood of self-healers and it’s going to be beautiful.

You can learn more about Gabby & her work here.

Check out her program Rebirth aimed at helping women to stop living small and embrace their BIGNESS!

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