Raspberry Avocado Ice Cream

It's Monday and I owe you sweet things something...sweet!

Who loves ice cream?

Who fears ice cream?

Who gets horribly ill after an ice cream sesh?

Yea...ice cream is a bit like that. We love it & fear it all at once.

Ice cream is one of those "treats" that many of us can't tolerate because of the dairy & high sugar content. It's true dairy & refined sugar can be an incredibly inflammatory combo and if you're dealing with hormonal imbalance or auto immune disease like many of my clients, its best to stay away from this duo as much as possible. Even if you don't have a dairy allergy traditional ice cream can send you into a tail spin of symptoms; skin break outs, nausea, bloating, blood sugar crash, diarrhea etc.

That being said, you guys know I'm not a total fun sucker who believes in exiling any food to the far corners of the world. Nah, theres always a way to recreate our favorite treats to be nutrient dense, naturally sweet & totally safe :)


Raspberry Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado might as well be a superhero. It goes with toast, pasta, smoothies, dressings, mouses, and now ICE CREAM! Is there anything avocado can't do? (the answer is no)

Here's why I love this recipe

  • It's 5 ingredients

  • It takes 10 minutes or less

  • It's refined sugar free

  • It's full of healthy fat, antioxidants & even prebiotics (banana baby)

AND if you want to kick it up a notch you can add chia & hemp seed "sprinkles" for an even more medicinal treat, or perhaps cacao nibs are more your vibe!

Either way I can't wait for you babes to make your very own medicinal ice cream! I invite you ladies to leave comments below to tell us what recipes you're enjoying most, or to make future requests.


Happy Nourishing!

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