Velvety Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

Welcome to our very FIRST recipe of the week! Yay! Many of you have been asking for more delicious, nutrient dense meals for optimal health, so lets do this! I got to be honest, chatting recipes isn't really my thing - I LOVE to cook but my recipe creation method usually consists of "a little of this, a little of that, heaps of love & WHAM-O" a meal for a queen. Those who know me well, know I cook like a mad scientist leaving no dish, pan or cabinet unturned - resulting in total madness. (just the way I like it!) But I know many of you have no clue where to begin, or what flavors match well, so I'll reserve my crazy cooking methods for my own kitchen and save you a lot of trouble.

Here's what you're going to LOVE about my recipes of the week:

1. They'll get you enjoying cooking again

2. They're nutrient dense & healing

3. They support optimal gut, hormone & brain function

4. You can download them to your computer & overtime create your very own Mana cook book

5. They're f**king delicious! I'm Italian & Spanish so I don't mess around OR with-hold mother nature's tastiest flavors ;)

At the end of the day, I don't want you to feel restricted and limited with your diet. Boring, tasteless food never made any woman happy. One thing we will continue to chat about each week is the power of intuitive eating, despite what the recipe says. "But Lexi, I don't know how to eat intuitively." Well then sweet thang, you need to download my FREE Mindful & Intuitive Eating Guide for some serious life-changing education. Boom, link below!

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It wasn't that long ago that food was my enemy - maybe you can relate? My gut was in a disastrous state & everything I so much as linked eyes with made me feel nauseas. After 2 years of rebuilding my health, I am happy to say that food is my bestie again and I have a whole new spin on cooking & eating as a form of medicine & healing. So that's what I'm going to teach you ladies...

...HOW to eat medicinally, not just "healthy," because "healthy" is such a vague & useless term. How to love your food, instead of fear it, because fear perpetuates dis-ease. How to nourish your body, instead of restrict it, because restriction breeds bingeing & unhappiness. Bottom line: you're going to learn how to love your body back to wellness. This is gonna be fun, trust me ;)

So back to this week's recipe....

At last, the seasons are changing and the Northern Hemisphere is gearing up for brisk and beautiful Autumn. I miss those bright blue Autumn days in Philly, framed by the ombre foliage. On the other hand, down here in Australia we are enjoying the warm, wistful days of Spring. I must say, it feels SO good to remove some layers of clothing and my meals are becoming more and more cooling after a winter of nourishing soups & stews.

This week's recipe is an ode to season changing - something we can all enjoy with crunchy Spring asparagus and warming Autumn chili. I don't do much pasta, but when I do, I DO! Click below for the first page in your new healing cook book!

Velvety Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta!

I love this recipe because you can make it so many different ways. If you're vegan you can avoid cheese & butter while my omnivores can increase creaminess by swapping EVOO with grass-fed butter. If you're not a spice queen, then by all means remove the chili and let the parsley & garlic take the show!

As always, I encourage you powerful women to eat like an intuitive goddess. Make my meals your own by listening to your body's needs and desires. I'm not the master, YOU ARE!

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