September Goddess of the Month

"The most important kind of love is the love you have for yourself. If you love yourself, the more love you will have for others." - McKyla Crowder

Meet the absolutely radiant McKyla Crowder from San Diego, otherwise known as Mariposa which is Spanish for "butterfly" - a perfect name for this beautiful, free spirit! One of the many reasons I love the work I do is because it puts me in such close connection with women around the world. While social media can definitely become toxic, I am seeing a new movement of body positive, inspiring women sharing their stories with the world and creating a positive impact.

Miss Mariposa is one of the inspiring voices of "body positive" messaging on social media. The reason McKyla has been chosen this month is because of the story she tells and the fearless energy she embodies. Health means so many things but honoring one's body & unique beauty is at the top of the list.

McKyla has a condition called "vitiligo" which impacts the skin pigmentation and sometimes hair color. This condition impacts about 1% of people worldwide and what I love about McKyla is that she is fearlessly sharing this condition with the world and opening up the conversation with women globally - giving them permission to be proud of their unique beauty.

When I discovered McKyla I could feel her integrity, authenticity and ferocity coming straight through her photos - here at Mana Wellness we believe the most beautiful thing about a woman is her fearless heart, we value courage and truth above all else and Miss Mariposa represents just that! Keep reading to find out more about her journey with vitiligo and how she supports other women with this condition.

Q & A with McKyla

What is your mission? 

M: My mission is to learn how to love and embrace my skin, my body, and my journey with intentions on paving the pathway to inspire others to do the same. 

What do you want every woman to know?

M: I want every woman to know that what truly matters is within us, not the skin we wear. 

Describe your work/yourself in 3 words...

M: Fierce. Passionate. Creative

What's one thing that has improved your health (mind, body & soul) the most?

M: Putting an end to feeling the need to please other people to make THEM happy. Then gearing that energy towards myself to heal my body, mind, and soul on my terms~

What words of wisdom would you tell your younger self now?

M: The most important kind of love is the love you have for yourself. If you love yourself, the more love you will have for others.

What ways are you helping to support women and positive body image?

M: Sharing my journey growing up with Vitiligo in hopes to show them it is BEAUTIFUL to be different, and we should celebrate being one of a kind.

You can find out more about Vitiligo and McKyla on her beautiful instagram page @mckyla.mariposa_

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