This deeply nourishing meal plan/recipe e-book has been thoughtfully designed to support the restoration of your adrenals. As you will see below, this is really more of a mini cook book then simple meal plan :) 


Included: (37 pages of goodness!)

-7 days of meals & snacks

-grocery lists

-detailed recipes

-complete nutritional breakdown of each meal (macronutrients, calories, vitamins & minerals)

-notes & tips on how to love your adrenals back to life!


Clean ingredients have been chosen to support adrenal function, while excluding those that may impair it. You'll find heaps of healthy fats, antioxidant rich fruit & veggies, and quality protein. This is a paleo-ish meal plan with options to add grains for those who can tolerate them or exclude dairy when needed - it's easy to adjust the meals to fit your individual needs. Just read through each recipes "notes" section. 


The adrenal glands play a crucial role in our overall health and function. They are the "batteries" that keep your body running optimally. This meal plan has been specially designed to recharge and support those batteries & keep your blood sugar balanced & stabled from breakfast until bed! 

7 Day Adrenal Restoration Meal Plan

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