What if I told you it was possible to feel sexy the week before your period, instead of bloated & miserable? (resist the urge to eye roll)


Well it is my friend, & this 35 Page Nutrition & Lifestyle guide is designed to reduce & eliminate PMS & hormonal imbalance with the best foods, exercises, & self-care rituals for your Luteal Phase (the week before your period).


This Horomone Balancing Nutrition Plan is for women dealing with:

-missing periods

-heavy periods

-painful periods

-skin/acne problems

-mood irregularity

-exhaustion & severe fatigue

-cramps or bloating

-intense food cravings

-lack of self control

-digestive issues around their period

-confusion in the kitchen


What's Included:

-2 Pages of Lifestyle, Exercise & Self-Care Guidance for a fabulous, symptom-free Luteal Phase

-18 Hormone Nourishing Recipes with the nutrients your body needs the week before your period

-7-Day Intuitive Meal Plan Calendar

-Detailed notes

-Grocery lists

-Nutrient & calorie transparency for every meal

-Menstrual cycle education & Luteal Phases best practices



This is a mostly gluten-free (with the exception of oats), omnviorous nutrition plan with foods such as grass fed beef, salmon, & chicken. Many of the recipes do, however, offer suggestions for vegetarian options. Dairy is used very minimally and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the each woman. 


You will discover the power of cycle syncing, restore healthy menstruation & reconnect with your feminine nature!

Pre Menstrual Sexy Nutrition Plan

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