14-Week Group Coaching

Program for Women

Reclaim your power, your health

& your life with mind-body healing

Discover Your Radiance

Balance Hormones

Restore Digestion

Empower Mindset

Boost Energy

Manage Stress

Cultivate Clarity

Step into Power

Embody Self-Love

Overcome Fear

This 14 Week Program Includes

7 Live Modules via Group Zoom (60-90 mins each every 2 weeks)

Hot seat 1:1 coaching during each module

Access to recorded modules for 1 month post program

14 Day Medicinal Meal Plan 

Private Facebook Group for support

15 min weekly group check ins on "off weeks"

PDF Guides & at-home exercises & tools

Encouraging Community & sisterhood

A life-long education in mind-body healing

FOR the woman who

  • wants to fully inhabit a radiant body (& life)

  • wants to create an empowered relationship with food & her body

  • wants to embrace natural, healthy weight management

  • wants to experience boundless energy & joy

  • wants to restore hormonal balance & gut function

  • wants to create a healthy work-life balance

  • wants to let go of self-destructive habits & beliefs

  • wants to awaken her spiritual, feminine nature

  • wants to activate her intuition & inner wisdom

  • wants to end the war with her mind & reclaim her power

  • wants to make peace with her pain & past 

  • wants to confront her fears & cultivate courage

  • wants to live with intention, presence & radiance

NOT for the woman who

  • seeks a quick fix "wellness" program

  • wants to focus only on weight loss 

  • isn't willing to take responsibility for her health 

  • isn't willing to give up self-destructive habits

  • isn't serious about transforming her life 

  • isn't willing to participate in a 3 week elimination diet

  • is satisfied with her limiting beliefs

  • is more concerned about being comfortable than confident

  • doesn't want to step into her full potential

  • isn't prepared to be brave & vulnerable 

  • prefers a customized 1:1 program

  • can't make time in her schedule to do the "work"

Radiant Mind. Radiant Body. Radiant Spirit

Module 1

Illumination & Reclamation

  • reclaim & uncover your desires 

  • set powerful intentions

  • explore your pain with compassion

Module 2

Elimination & Digestion

  • eliminate trigger foods & habits

  • commit to a medicinal diet 

  • restore mental & physical digestion

Module 3

Restoration & Rejuvenation

  • create empowering am & pm rituals

  • practice restful living & reduce stress

  • create work-life balance 

Module 4


  • integrate daily detox practices

  • practice mental & emotional detox

  • balance hormones & digestion

Module 5

Meditation & Relaxation

  • embrace mindful living 

  • create clarity, calm & confidence

  • connect with intuition & wisdom

Module 6

Menstruation & Celebration

  • naturally balance hormones

  • embrace feminine flow & power

  • eat, live & move in alignment with your cycle for optimal health

Module 7


  • sustain mind-body alignment

  • create a holistic lifestyle

  • embody your truth & purpose

What Women Are Saying:

""I felt empowered to do better because she believed I could do better. I knew I was enough at times because she knew I was enough. When I began this journey I felt lost and out of control. I now know what is good for my mind, body, and soul and am able to make those choices."

-Anna (Prof. Dancer, USA)

"Alexis is passionate in helping women find the light again. She doesn't want you to feel 75%, 80% or even 99%, she wants you to feel 100%! She will go above and beyond in assisting you on the path, and staying on the path of feeling your best self, being your best self, and loving your best self."

-Cait (Graphic Designer)

"I am smoke-free, confident, and almost completely pain-free. A friend of mine just commented and said I was glowing! I feel like I am becoming the woman I've always wanted and have let go of the external expectations of who I'm supposed to be. My 2020 will be amazing because of this incredible woman."

- Jenn (Graphic Designer)

"When I started this program I had recently went through recovery from an eating disorder and had no idea how to heal from that. The best part of this program has been gaining ME back. I feel free. I feel empowered, strong & healthy. Lexi is a badass and she tells you the truth. I need that." 

 -Kate (Yoga Teacher)

"All the work I've done with Lex is invaluable and priceless to me! She asks all the right questions to find your own power and create the life you desire! If you've been on the fence about working with her, I highly recommend you pull the trigger so you can watch the magic unwind in your life. I am so proud & grateful to be one of her clients." 

- Sydney (Dental Hygienist)

"I have minimized my hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, stomach pains, inflammation and insomnia. I have also lost over 20 lbs since I started and feel great! I feel so much more mental clarity on how to achieve what I want in life. I actually feel like I can achieve whatever I want. My self confidence and self empowerment feels explosive!"

-Ally (School Psychologist)

Early Bird

$547 USD ($250 off)

4 Payments of $149.00


invest in YOU this year

Pay in Full

$747 USD


4 Payments of $199.00


Q: What if I can't make some of the live Modules?

A: Thats ok! the modules will be recorded and available to watch throughout the program & 30 days have it finishes

Q: When does the program begin & end?

A: Round 2 will reopen between May-Sep 2020

Q: Can I do this program from anywhere in the world?

Yes, yes yes! You will be sharing this journey with women from around the globe:)

Q: Will we be following a specific diet? (ie plant based, keto, etc)

My approach to nutrition is intuitive & aligns with your menstrual cycle. You will learn all about this in the program. However we will be completing a group elimination diet to remove major dietary triggers for 21 days and replace them with nutrient dance, hormone & gut restoring alternatives :)

Yes, I am ready to reset to radiance!

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