Medicinal Meal Plans

Food is medicine.

Mana meal plans are your farmacy.

 Meal Plan Features

Nutritional Breakdown




-Vitamins & Minerals

-Macro/Micro Nutrients

Grocery Lists




-With all the ingredients you'll

need for the week

Helpful Notes




-With tips to adjust or adapt your meals

Detailed Recipes




-That you'll love cooking, eating & sharing

Alexis's meal plans are not only delicious and fun to make, but they are simple and easy to follow. For years I struggled with what to eat, how much to eat, what tastes good together and her meal plans have helped me tremendously in all of those areas! She introduced me to jackfruit and I have been using it as a meat substitute ever since. Couldn't recommend Mana Wellness enough! xo 

- Kate (Philadelphia)

Yoga Teacher

-Lily (New York City)

Software Engineer

Before working with Alexis, I had a long history of chronic constipation and bloating. Though I had a “healthy” diet, I couldn’t seem to get regular bowel movements to be a thing! After 2 weeks on her meal plans, I saw a DRASTIC change in metabolism. I was no longer constipated - for the first time without needing to use laxatives! And I saw a huge change in my body confidence. All of the meals are DELICIOUS, she takes into account all of your needs and plans according to your lifestyle. The meal plans are beautifully delivered in a packet with pictures, macros/calorie breakdown, and directions for how to cook everything. It was EXACTLY what I needed to kickstart my journey to healing my gut

Just finished my last bowl of soup on the gut reboot and I'm feeling amazing! I lost 5 pounds and my husband lost 7! Happy guts! Your meal plans are AMAZING! 

- Jana  (South Carolina)

- Kaitlynn  (Hawaii)

Massage Therapist

The mini gut reboot has been such an amazing experience. I loved the recipes we got to try because we got to eat REAL food that were nutrient dense so I knew my body was getting nutrients and it tasted delicious. The real kicker for both my husband and I were the addition of the kiwi fruit! These little buggers helped with our digestion in a whole new way. Our guts were so happy we were able to eliminate successfully and effectively. I was mind-blown. Overall, these past 4 days on the mini reboot has provided increased energy, deeper and uninterrupted sleep, and a happy and healthy gut. I will definitely be adding in the kiwi fruit secret and these awesome new recipes to our family meals. Thank you so much Alexis for being an inspiration.

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