The Adventure

6 Months

Core belief #1

Living healthy is the best adventure!

This journey is for the warrior ready to embark on 

the adventure of a lifetime!

We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll heal & we'll climb until we reach the top.

 For those who want to shift their perspective, rattle their bones, 

uplift their spirit, & wildly transform their lives.

For those that want to challenge their limiting beliefs & spread their wings & fly.  


Imagine yourself in the destination of your dreams, in your most radiant embodiment.

 Lets go there! All you have to do it grab your pack and get ready to

explore the unknown with me!

In this 6 month Adventure,

We will lovingly build new habits and shed old ones. We will gently explore & decode the language of your body.

This organic process of keenly listening to every ripple or pain will bring insight and clarity to your experience and profound healing. We will breathe life back into your world by becoming fluent in the unique language of your body. Designed as a marathon not a sprint, this adventure is for the true warrior. We will cultivate courage and lead with our hearts. We'll uncover your "why" for getting well, and use that force to propel you into wholeness. This Adventure is different for each and every individual, which is why its magic is so transformative. Consider this the adventure of your dreams. We'll go to the unknown parts of your world that you've always (secretly) wanted to explore and we'll bring back remarkable treasures. 


Journey Includes 

12 x 55 Min Sessions

Weekly Diet & Lifestyle protocols

Access to private client portal

Curated Resources


  • articles | book recs

  • recipes | food journals

  • meditations | exercises

Unlimited support

between sessions

A lifelong education in mind, body, spirit healing


$4,000 +

Your Adventure

6 Months



Add Radiance for $349

When you add extra radiance to your program you'll receive

-My Going Gluten Free Recipe Ebook

 -Discounted 14-Day CUSTOM, Medicinal Meal Plan you'll salivate over!

-Custom selected wellness tools to amplify your healing journey (books, foods, supplements, notox beauty, teas)

Life is a moving energy.

We either move with it or get thrown around by it. 

Together we'll ride those waves with courage, grace and a hearty humor! 

Cultivation and mastery come through repetition & patience.

They come through getting back on the horse each time life changes the rules. 


Once you've mastered your body, mind and spirit, your fears & life's challenge are no longer a limitation. 

You are free.

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