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What My Clients Are Saying...

I find it’s super rare to meet someone who not only ‘gets’ my challenges with my health and AutoImmune imbalances, but who can help me find my way. Lexi is like that super cool travel guide who has been in the neighbourhood and had a GREAT time and suggests things I’ve never even heard of but may want to check out. Patiently she waits for me to discover my unique healing path, generously extending her hands for support and with enough strength to pull me through the rough patches - and keep me accountable.

I never knew there were so many different ways that I’ve been malnourished … It took getting 3 autoImmune conditions to help wake me up. After 5 years of stumbling down my healing path, Lexi and Mana Wellness have helped switch on a super bright light of clarity to see all the ways that I can nourish myself into a pain-free, graceful existence. Mahalo!

- Shawna (Newcastle, AUS)

Business Owner

I literally never imagined how far I would come in this 6 month program. I have minimized my hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, stomach pains, inflammation and insomnia. I have also lost over 15 lbs since I started and feel great!  I feel so much more mental clarity on how to achieve what I want in life and she has helped me be more clear in what my expectations for what I want out of life are. I have been given guidance and tools that help me get through daily challenges. This program has helped me mend my relationship with food, dispose of toxic relationships/feelings and given me more confidence as a woman. The guidance Lexi provided me helped me become at peace with the idea of growth and has lead me to a spiritual awakening. I actually want to set aside time for myself and she helped me understand the importance of self care and self preservation. I literally have never felt more centered in my life. I learned new and innovative ways to provide nourishment for myself. The greatest changes I've experienced have been making time for myself, helping to heal my relationship with food, & learning about myself to make me a better person, wife, and friend. I'm also feeling like myself again and unafraid of the unknown! Lexi has awoken something in me that has fueled my desire to learn, and DO for myself. I actually feel like I can achieve whatever I want. My self confidence and self empowerment feels explosive! As a coach she is available, empowering, non judgmental, & kind. I recommend her programs to women who are scared, who feel that they need change, and who want to be their best selves. Make the leap. It’s so worth it!! 

- Ally (North Carolina, USA)

Child Psychologist 

Wow, what a woman! It's rare that I find someone who can shed light on what's going on for me better than I can myself (I'm a women's empowerment and sexuality coach. And I'm EXCELLENT at tracking the shadow). But she nailed it with such precision and intuitive alignment. her listening to both me, and to greater energetic patterns was tangible. Alexis helped me identify a pattern that has been the biggest issue in my health. And it wasn't food, or exercise. It was around money. Alexis has a deeply integrative approach to health. And understands that if one aspect of our life is out, it will impact everything else. So she strives to bring balance back in all areas. Which I appreciate.I've felt such a lack of drive and a sense of increasing powerlessness over the last couple of months. I've been fatigued and losing my energy quickly. I left our session accessing my fire again and capacity to impact my world in a positive way. I walked in with impotent life force, and in one session, left feeling vibrant, alive and ready to conquer the world.I am grateful for this woman and know I've found an ally and guide when I really need one. Because we all need someone. We're not here to do it alone. Thank you Alexis. You're amazing!! 

- Freya (Byron Bay, AUS)

Women's Sexuality Facilitator 

You are supportive, intelligent and responsive to my individual needs. More people need this in their lives Lexi! You skillfully identified some areas that I needed guidance in. My biggest insights were my addiction to coffee and my high fitness expectations that I fall short of. I took down my self-made crazy  timetable and now understand I need to move my body each day in a way that I feel like doing while being compassionate towards myself. I seriously thought I was depressed after cutting coffee but now I feel great- no longer stressed & highly strung. I feel calm & grounded again and last time I saw the doctor my blood pressure was really healthy!"

- Joanne (Sydney, AUS)

Primary School Teacher

Having the opportunity to work with Lexi was such a transformative experience that truly feels like such a gift. At a time when my anxiety was at an all time high and I was experiencing total disconnect from my body and spirit, she gracefully held space and deeply listened. What I appreciated most is her complete confidence in what lies within each of us; our inner guru and own deep inner knowing. Rather than give advice, she asked questions that helped me regain connection to my inner teacher. She kindly held me accountable and at the end of each session I felt eager and inspired to do my part, to do the work to better myself mind, body, and soul. From the moment we first connected in our initial session I could sense that I was embarking on a self healing journey guided by a beautiful soul who truly operates from a place of overflowing love, passion, and commitment. Lexi, I am forever grateful!

- Ashley (Michigan,USA)

World Traveler

Just passing by to say thanks to Lexi! She has the gift, every time we do a session she completely changes my week. She just blows my mind at the first 10 min and I'm a very controlling person, it's very difficult for me to open up, but talking to her is easy. Her sweet and kind way of talking breaks all my barriers down and makes me feel so comfortable and loved. Even in one session she can go very deep and show you things about yourself that nobody has ever mentioned before. I love our sessions and how you light up my mind in  the most sweetest way, I always leave our sessions with so much energy and hope (so much that I end up having trouble sleeping afterwards haha). 

I'm so glad that the universe has found a way to introduce us even though we live so far away from each other! Obrigada Amiga! 

- Carol (Rio, Brazil)

Model & Chef

I'm in the early stages in my journey of balanced health and mindfulness and Lexi has been an amazing guide. I was hesitant to commit to a program but I'm so glad I did. It's far more than healthy eating as I'd initially thought. Lexi listened and advised on behavioral changes I can make based on my current lifestyle to achieve more balance. Her knowledge, wisdom and passion are all very evident and I'm excited to continue this journey with Lexi.

- Alex (New York, USA)

Marketing Manager

I met Alexis at a time when I needed a push in the right direction. I never could have known how influential she was going to be in guiding me through my own personal journey. I have so much energy and vitality since integrating the practices she has provided me. By changing my diet and perspective I have been able to align with my purpose and live with meaning. Her gentle nature mixed with her deep understanding and awareness of what others need, has truly catalyzed my transformation. She has taught me how to take better care of myself and empowered me to make decisions that will positively impact my health and thus, my life.

- Jackie (Melbourne, AUS)