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The busier our world gets, the more difficult it becomes to hear the wisdom that whispers through our being. Whispers that protect us. Whispers that direct us away from disease, dysfunction, and disconnection. And when the noise of modern life becomes too loud, our whispers turn to screams,

and we find ourselves in the midst of a health crisis that we can no longer ignore.

Heal Your Mana & Restore Vitality 

Mana Philosophy

With the modernization of society, we have been driven away from and lost touch with our instinctive healing abilities; healing abilities that all creatures possess. In a world that has become unhealthy, imbalanced, and disconnected, it can feel nearly impossible to recover what is divinely ours -  

Vitality    Radiance    Purpose


I bow my head to you for your courage to walk the path of health. It is not easy to follow your heart instead of the crowd. It is common to imprison ourselves in order to blend in and avoid creating controversial waves in our families, social groups, and communities. Yet, it is in those juicy waves that we learn to float above the surface and surf in the divine where our true greatness resides.  This will in turn, create positive ripples around us.





Mana Mission

It is my pleasure and gift to hold a space of love and support, while you recover your "mana" - your life force. My nutrition services are unlike the traditional approach that dietitians and nutritionists follow. Mana comes from an ancient set of "Huna" principles created by the shamans in Hawaii. We will use your bio-individuality as our map and the principles of Huna as our compass.


Mana Wellness values the W H O L E; serving as the lens through which we experience your unique healing. We explore all areas of life that feed, nourish and deplete you, so we can access the root of the imbalance and cause of the symptoms. It is not just broccoli and exercise that nourish us, but the state of our relationships, the enjoyment of our work, and our connection to nature - to name a few.


Together we allow for the restoration of your body, mind and spirit back to their natural state of wholeness. It is in that embodied state of wholeness that we see ourselves as we truly are, and all of life as it truly is; a miracle of magic!


Life is no longer a ruthless drag, but a joyful dance!

Ready to recover

Your Mana?

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