4 Steps to Sacred Body Sovereignty

Does the thought of cutting coffee make you twitch?

Do you feel as though wine gets you through your week without a meltdown?

Do you cave weekly/daily and eat food you KNOW will make you feel sick/bloated/guilty/break out?

Do you find yourself in a perpetual binge/diet cycle?

Well, you're not alone. Millions of people walk around in a state of chronic discomfort and self-loathing because they are being ruled by cravings, with little understanding of what is causing these perpetually unhealthy choices.

Let's get one thing clear, I'm not demonizing coffee, wine, and chocolate. In fact, I love all three. HOWEVER, when they have more control over you than you have, you're in big bloody trouble.

Several years ago I set out on a journey to liberate myself from anything & everything that had any control over me, especially in regards to my body & health. I was determined to break the chains of unhealthy habits, addictions, and patterns. And break chains I did!

Here's the thing sister (face slap), in case no one has told you, YOU ARE A QUEEN AND YOUR BODY IS A SACRED TEMPLE! And right now you're treating it like the broken down, back alley bar. And those monthly cleanses aren't making up for the rest of the trash you're accumulating. I should know, I used to be the QUEEN of cleanses!

Binge, cleanse, binge, cleanse, EXPLODE! I assure you, it leads to nowhere except more pain and suffering.

Not to worry though, my greatest joy is waking you up to your queendom & celebrating your sovereignty! And this begins with conquering your cravings for addictive behaviors (aka: the cancerous energy controlling your life). If this were Game of Thrones, your bad habits, cravings, and patterns are totally claiming the crown that is rightfully YOURS. And Cersei Lanister's scary ass is ready to exploit your weakness and take you down (you know I'm right).

If you're not RULING, then you are being RULED!

So lets talk cravings. I assure you that you can reclaim the sacred throne of your body and rule like the sexy, warrior queen Khalessi! She has dragons for God's sake! Time to summon the dragons.

The following steps to queendom will make a HUGE difference in the way your body expresses it's needs. Because in fact, your cravings are muffled messages seeking to inform you of the imbalance occurring at the cellular level. They WANT to do the right thing, but they're burdened with the chaos living in your broken down, back alley bar. All of these craving remedies work best in conjunction with one another, use them ALL daily in order to transform your palace.

1. Drink WATER like you're getting paid to!

It's hard to be an alcoholic and drink 8 cups of water a day! What I mean is that cravings are opportunistic in that they only happen when our bodies are under nourished and imbalanced. Part of restoring bodily balance is drinking water like you're getting paid the big bucks! We are aquatic creatures, made up mostly of the element WATER and yet treat our bodies like a damn desert! Most of the time when you're "hungry" you're actually dehydrated and need fluids. Commit to watering your palace gardens and beauty will appear

Here's what you do:

>Make sure you're drinking 7-8 cups of filtered water a day

>When your craving sets in after lunch and you normally grab for a candy bar or bag of chips, instead drink 1-2 glasses of water, wait 30 mins and see what happens to your "craving"

2. Tongue scrape last week's DONUT out of your mouth!

Say whaaaatt? Yes, you heard me, it's time to buy yourself a tongue scraper. This old Ayurvedic health tool will seriously squash your chaotic craving schedule. How? Well, the food you eat actually remains IN your mouth long after meal time (how delicious). Your cravings are being fueled by the little known fact that you're actually STILL tasting yesterday's donut and french fries. Chocolate cake today means sugar cravings tomorrow. Additionally, you'll be removing bacteria from your tongue/mouth that can leak into your gut and cause Dysbiosis (overgrowth of bad bacteria). This bad bacteria causes leaky gut, yeast infections, candida, and endless unpleasant symptoms. If you've often noticed a white, gray, brown, or yellow coating on your tongue then your body is communicating internal disorder. Time to exile unwanted intruders from the palace!

Heres what you do:

>Purchase a copper tongue scraper and use DAILY

>Twice a day before teeth brushing am & pm (7-14 scrapes from back to front with light to mild pressure)

>Be prepared for the nastiness on your tongue to totally skeeve you out (but celebrate its long awaited departure, yay!)

3. Replace empty calories with NUTRIENTS!

What are empty calories you ask? The crap big Food Co. calls edible but brings absolutely nothing to the table (pun intended). Empty calories include foods with little to no nutritional value. Ie: chips, pretzels, cookies, candy, highly processed bread, white pasta, white rice, american cheese, crackers, etc.

As I said before, your cravings are muffled comms getting lost in the battle going on in your body. If you're craving salty foods all the time, chances are you are mineral deficient. Sometimes when you're "hungry," you're actually thirsty. And most of the time you are simply UNDER NOURISHED and OVER FED. Your cravings keep knocking at the door of your belly not out of hunger, but out of sheer malnourishment. That wonder bread made of air and chemicals did absolutely NOTHING to satiate your biological needs. That's why 20 minutes after you've eaten, you're starving again!

And another thing: big Food. Corp (aka Cercei Lanister) actually sneaks addictive chemicals in processed food which quite literally makes you crave MORE of it. So basically, your queendom is being fooled & poisoned and YOU are paying for it out of your own damn pocket (Cue the rebellion!!).

If you're going to rule your life like a Queen than you'll need to start eating like one. A small bag of pretzels and a small apple have the same amount of calories, yet the apple is FILLED with nutrients to support your system and the pretzels are virtually useless fuel. Be a conscious eater; evaluate your meals based on how much punch they're packing. Plain white pasta and cream sauce has little positive impact on your body BUT a whole grain pasta with fresh greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, and herbs is going to leave you satiated, full, and NOURISHED. Instead of processed crackers, substitute for raw nuts (almonds or walnuts) and dried apricots. The fabulous by-product of consuming nutrient dense food is LESS CRAVINGS, more energy, and better focus. The Queendom thrives!

Here's what you do:

>Read the dang labels or even better, ditch anything that needs a label!

>Purchase foods RICH in nutrients; raw nuts, fresh fruit & veg, humus, seeded whole grain breads

4. Deconstruct your cravings with EMOTIONAL accountability!

Ok, it's time to take accountability for what's going on behind the curtain. If you're going to be Queen, you need to know what's really causing perpetual famine and war. Maybe no one has told you why every night at 8pm you raid the freezer for ice cream but take a deep breath because I'm about to. Food is the easiest way to medicate ourselves in an overstimulated world of anxiety, depression, and mental, emotional & spiritual disorder. When we're stressed, we eat the whole pizza. When we're sad, we consume a pint of Ben & Jerry's. When we feel worthless and meaningless, we end up with a bag of fast food and a large soda. And look, I'm ok with having moments like this once in a while, but when they become a weekly or even daily pattern, you have to ask yourself, "what is REALLY going on here?" Otherwise known as, taking responsibility for your shadows! Your body has not failed you, your body is taking YOUR lead. If you stuff the feelings down, don't be surprised when you're stuffing the junk down too. Sovereignty means taking ownership for ALL the parts of yourself that have been under nourished for a long time. If you're lonely, sad, hurt, unfulfilled, angry etc then its time to reach for nourishing acts of self-kindness over bags of chemicals and sugar.

Heres what you do:

>Ask yourself the following questions

"Is this craving surfacing alongside a specific emotion or feeling?"

"Could this craving be connected to a habit?"

"Will eating this ice cream, cake, fast food, wine, beer, soda ease this craving OR is there another form of nourishment that my body, mind, spirit is seeking?"

>Start a craving journal and track the emotional experience you feel at the time of cravings (notice any patterns in time of day, mood, stress, etc)

So there ya have it! Don't you feel freer already? You are one step closer to breaking the chains that control you.

You have the keys to the palace, now you must RULE!

It's not as hard as one might imagine, but it does require discipline and patience. Being a Queen takes strength, self-preservation, and sovereignty. You'll likely fall off the tracks a few (100) times, but eventually you'll get to a point where being ruled by external forces is no longer an acceptable way to live. You'll recognize that other women the same age look younger, happier, and more vibrant. This will piss you off. You'll question why this (you probably already are) and then you'll berate yourself for failing. It's not necessary, but humans generally learn the hard way, and I must admit I've been there before.

It's all possible now, though. Your Queendom. Your Health. Your Joy. Your Sovereignty.

Conquering your life is a journey, and I have total faith in the feminine force within you. One step at a time sister.

All hail the Queen!

In Strength & Sovereignty,


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