Updated: Dec 31, 2018

New Year's 2016 in Kauai

This time of year is when we busy humans start to take inventory of our lives and our year. Did we meet the mate of our dreams? Did we get the promotion? Did we lose the weight? As the end of one year approaches, the cultural practice of resolutions emerges and fitness centers explode in desperation. While sitting in a pile of guilt, disappointment and expectation, we bust out our lists and frantically tell ourselves, "this year, I'm going to do it!"

I used to hate New Year's Eve. It never lived up to the hype for me. Sparkly dresses & predictable feelings of disappointment always made their way to bars, clubs, restaurants, and house parties. The fog of booze and sea of people were always the same...every year. Year after year. I finally caught myself in the cycle of bringing the caca from old year into new year simply because I had no mindful practices. I was checked out. The sad but very real truth was Christmas was fattening me up and New Year's was numbing me out. What a killer combo for starting a healthy, vibrant new year. Not.

Eventually I got so bored and furious with the predictable misery of New Year's that I simply stopped subscribing to the culturally designed story of "celebration." Because come January 1, every year, no matter how magical "they" all said the night would be, my glittery bubble would pop and out flew the dejected, deflated and disconnected debris of my being. Oh, and a horrific hangover.

Four years ago I cancelled that subscription and I've never (ever) looked back. You know what I feel now when I wake up on January 1? Excited. Vibrant. Clear. Connected. Fierce. Ready.

What do YOU want to feel like on January 1? And are you REALLY, truly satisfied with your current New Year's tradition?

If you're ready to obliterate the old paradigm for something that serves you then follow steps 1 through 8 below :)

I rediscovered MY definition of celebration and it turns out being half naked under a waterfall felt way better than waking up with a migraine.

1. Savor the Energy of 2018.

What are you grateful for? What did you learn that you will take with you into 2019? This is the time to reflect and come full circle, so to speak. Take time to deeply connect with the experiences that were your highs, lows, and in betweens. Acknowledge who you were and how you showed up for yourself. Appreciate yourself for doing the absolute best you could with the tools you had - you could even write yourself a thank you letter! Is there anything you can graciously leave in 2018 where it belongs? Soak it all in and then release it completely to be recycled and transformed. You'll need a little peace and quiet to do this.

2. Create Space for Solitude.

Life gets noisy around the holidays. Even noisier than our regular lives (which is hard to fathom). Most people dread being alone on Dec 31st, so they suffocate themselves at parties with everyone else's wildly unresolved issues. There's nothing wrong with a fun party but finding solitude during this pivotal time is a form of RADICAL self-love, that the Universe always says YES to. Do you honestly think anything life-changing is going to happen at Suzy's party?

Spoiler alert: it's not!

This practice is so, so crucial to transforming your new year. Without solitude we cannot go deep into ourselves to find out what's there. What does our body need? What does our heart need? What does our spirit need? In the silence, those parts of yourself will speak. Find the time, no excuses. You deserve it.

3. Set Clear Intentions

What's your motto going to be this year? What energy are you projecting and moving into 2019? If you don't like the energy you've been carrying, CHANGE IT, right now! Imagine the year of your dreams! What does it feel like, look like, taste like, smell like? Upon reflection of 2018, sit down with your journal and start moving that energy out. Make space for the magic that's coming or be doomed to relive the junk you're holding on to. If you need to, write down everything you're letting go of from 2018 and then light that sucker on fire, literally (carefully outside in a fire pit). Get clear on what you want to create this year, and honor that by witnessing it come alive on paper. You are the artist, now create the masterpiece!

4. Dream Big

It doesn't matter what happened this year; the adversity, the pain, the "failures," the lack, the whatever! You are entering a brand new world so spare no imagination. We create our own cages and keep ourselves from our biggest, scariest dreams! The Universe is here to support your success, your dreams, your desires! You're not dragging the wagon alone my friend, you've got cosmic help just waiting to be summoned. Challenge yourself to live like this is your last year on Earth! You never know, right? Speaking of which...

5. Start a New Practice

What have you been continually drawn to this year but avoiding like the plague or pretending you're too busy for? Why are you waiting until January 2nd or 10th or 28th to listen to the call of your higher self? Who the hell says you can't start December 26th or 28th? Starting a new practice is the first step in reprograming your body and brain that things are going to be different moving forward. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? How can you expect "resolution" in the New Year if you spend the moments leading up to it doing the same thing you always do? Learn how to juice. Start listening to a new podcast. Implement a morning meditation. Try going going paleo, or maybe vegan! Whatever it is you've been ping ponging around, GO FOR IT! This is your way of alerting the Universe and YOUR body that you're ready for transformation, and you're ready for change!

6. Nourish Yourself

Just because you over ate and under relaxed through Christmas doesn't mean you have to keep that up until after New year's. Clear your schedule, tell your friends and family you're busy, and nourish your precious little being. Take bubble baths, treat yourself to a massage, lay on the couch and drink tea! Shower yourself in love simply because you DESERVE IT!

7. Challenge the Status Quo

So maybe all your friends are going to drink until their heads spin off. Who cares, maybe your resolution should be to find a new tribe? Or maybe you're so disappointed you won't have a new years kiss (again) that you've already planned a dose of ben and jerry's and self-loathing is an ideal way to ring in the new year. I say, you're better than all of that! Just because this is how it's always done, doesn't mean this is how it SHOULD be done. Be a rebel! Make your own rules. Turn your phone off and dance naked through your house. Get lost in nature. There's no manual that says you MUST waste your money on one-time only glitter dress and over-priced cocktails. Which reminds me...

8. Consider Your Consumption

The holidays can be a wasteful time. The money spent on a typical New Year's experience, can easily equate to $500+. New dress. New shoes. $20 cocktails. Ubers. Nails. Over-priced dinner. Club entrance. Hangover meals. Party decorations. AHHH! Is your head spinning yet? As if Christmas wasn't enough, now you've found a way to empty your pockets even further, only to wake up in the morning feeling more uninspired than before. WHY? Consider your consumption friends. What else could you use that money for? What positive experiences could you replace with the cocktails and glitter? Save that financial energy for something that REALLY lights you up! I'm sure you can think of better ways to spend your time & money. Be a creator, not a consumer.

The Universe and your body will always follow YOUR cues. So if you're doing the same old same, you can bet they're going to follow suit now and in 2019. Be brave and challenge yourself! Do something you've never done before. Immerse yourself in radical self-love.

An extraordinary future awaits you, whenever you're ready to unlock the door.

Aloha & Happy New Year!


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