The Mindful Woman

4 Week Women's Mindfulness Course 

Who needs this:

The busy, modern woman who is overwhelmed with stress, anxiety & responsibility. She’s driven, motivated and hard working but has become totally automated & robotic. She’s not sleeping, thinking, or behaving in a self-empowered way. Her mind is overactive and she tends to let her ego run the show. She often shows up in her life feeling chaotic and ungrounded. She craves calm but is addicted to stress. She has little time for self-care and puts her career or obligations before her own needs.


She’s not well boundaried or living with intention. She knows conceptually that meditation is a "great idea" but can’t seem to deal with even 2 mins of her own thoughts once the world becomes quiet. She’s exhausted and running on stress hormones. She's malnourished; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She’s tired of being tired. She’s tired of being irritable. She’s tired of being disconnected. She's tired of the mental chaos.

She wants to radiate bliss 

She wants to feel vibrant

She wants to embody peace

Is this you, sister?

  • You’re new to meditation 

  • You’ve tried meditation but “you can’t do it” (p.s. everyone can!)

  • You want to bring mindfulness into all parts of your life

  • You want to experience more peace, calm and relaxation

  • You are chronically stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted

  • You are struggling with lack of forgiveness for self or others

  • You want to know self-compassion

  • You feel stuck in your head and constantly overanalyze

  • You feel scattered and unorganized 

  • You are chronically multi-tasking or distracted 

  • You want to create healthy, loving relationships 

  • You want to utlizise powerful communication 

  • You want to learn how to respond instead of react 

  • You are a driven, hardworking and passionate woman

  • You are a fast paced career woman who needs simple tools to help her stay grounded

  • You want to heal emotional imbalances or pain

What you'll learn:


  • The real meaning of mindfulness

  • How to create space in your mind, body and life 

  • How to practice multiple forms of meditation

  • How to connect more deeply with self and others

  • How to disconnect from stress addiction and manic energy

  • How to embrace mindfulness as a lifestyle not just a task

  • How to bring awareness, patience, and compassion into challenging moments

  • How to make friends with your pain

  • How to become the non-judgmental watcher of your thoughts

  • How to slow down, breathe, and reflect 

  • How to notice your unhealthy patterns and 

  • How to observe your negative self talk and create a new conversation

  • How to become advocates with your mind, instead of enemies 

  • How to identify your blocks and resistance

  • How to release automated robotic living, for organically present living 

  • How to be here now, instead of somewhere in the future or past 

  • How to be a kinder, gentler, & a more unconditionally loving woman

  • How to let emotions guide you instead of hinder you 

You can expect

  • More mental space and accessible peace

  • A tool box of mind-body practices

  • Connection to your divine self

  • Greater self compassion and acceptance

  • Increased confidence and trust in your self

  • Deeper sense of peace and quiet

  • New found empowerment to take risks and live fully

  • Better equipped to deal with challenges & confrontations 

  • Empowered communication skills 

  • Connection to creativity

  • Commitment to mindful living

  • Reconnection to feminine essence 

  • Making healthy choices that better your life 

  • Activated self preservation 

  • Better relationship to emotions 

Each Module Includes:

60-90 min LIVE mindfulness philosophy class

Video Q & A  


Different styles of meditation

Reflective Journal Prompts

Breath Practice/Technique 

Private class facebook group 

Suggested Home Reading / Book List 

Recorded meditations to use between classes

Access to modules for 1 month after completion

The Experience

Each week our intimate group of women will meet in a private online conference room to participate in a LIVE mindfulness philosophy class. Participants will have an opportunity to connect with like-minded women from around the world via a private facebook group and ask the facilitator questions. During class you will be given tools to enhance and engage with the "mindful woman" that lives within you. These modules will be recorded so that you can watch them at your leisure. Should you miss a module you can still ask your question in the facebook group. Though, I highly recommend making it to every live class to get the most out of your experience and participate in live discussion. We will meet weekly for 4 weeks from the time our journey begins. 

Sunday July 7 at 7:00pm EST (New York)


Monday July 8 at 9:00am AEST (Sydney)

Start your week from a place of peace & power

Module Themes

Week 1

Who is the Mindful Woman?

Week 2


Meeting Yourself in the Dark

Week 3


Peace is Not Perfection

Week 4


Finding Courage to Trust


Early Bird Gift

  • When you enroll and pay in full by  July 1  you will receive a FREE 1:1 Women's Health Consult ($111 USD value) 

  • 1:1 Clients Receive a %15 Discount you enrolled by July 1

        ask for PROMO code 


( payment plans available at registry )

Are ready to awaken The Mindful Woman?

embrace the magic & mystery of your radiant self

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