The Consult

75 -90 minutes

What it looks like to work with me

My nutritional wellness coaching is for the woman who:


  • is tired of suffering from mysterious symptoms & chronic pain

  • has seen little improvement from traditional sick care

  • wants to discover what makes HER body thrive

  • feels utterly confused by the diet fads, rules and trends

  • wants to take a holistic approach but has no idea where to start

  • is unsatisfied with her 10 min doctors visits

  • feels alone & isolated in her experience

  • intuitively knows its time for a positive change 

  • wants to work with a practitioner who TRULY listens to her

  • desires to live and feel vibrantly in her body 



In our 75-90 min consultation, you will provide the first layer of information to begin our journey. We will discuss your history, concerns, and diet, as well as my values, philosophy, and program. 


As your wellness guide, my commitment is to support your journey unconditionally, provide perspective & tools, uphold accountability, encourage growth, & create a space of joy & love that allow for healing.  


Those interested in working with me should be prepared to commit to the following; 



Self Healing 

Self Acceptance

Self Love 




20 Minute Complimentary Clarity Call

Still need more info? I totally get it - lets connect and determine if my programs are right for you!

You don't have to pay a dime!

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